BNP 11 May/June 1999 - CONTENTS

Another Plummer shows his football talents

Stephen Gummow keeps the score

Following the Lightning Carnival in April, three players drew for 'Best and Fairest Overall'. The honour went to Lance Barton of Elliott, Benjamin Dickinson of Ali Curung and Vinnie Plummer of the Eagles.
Vinnie 14, is brother of Darius Plummer (Chongy) who is earning respect playing for Port Adelaide under-eighteens.
Chongy was given a going-away party by team mates and family. He received a credit voucher for $235 at Al Bundy's as a result of Keith DeJong's valuable raffle ticket selling skills. Keith also gave Chongy the pick of a pair of shoes of his choice as a going away present.
Vinnie Plummer is captain of the Eagles Juniors and now has a fine trophy to show for his efforts and talent.
Credit must also go to the Barkly Australian Football League (BAFL) for the well organised sport - to all involved, WELL DONE!


Vinnie Plummer.

The whole gang.